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Getting Started

You are meant to be trained on how to use ALMSys. There are far too many different lease and loan tracking customer types, and for that reason, you are recommended to contact Support for training on how to use this program.

Installation of ALMSys will be done for you by ALMSys, Inc.

ALMSys is designed to run on a wide screen monitor. Please do not alter your Windows preferences to enable larger fonts, as doing so may impede your ability to read some of the ALMSys controls.

ALMSys is also designed to run on PCs with Windows Regional Settings set to "United States - English." Specifically, using mm/dd/yyyy date formats.

Main Screen Layout
The top of the main screen contains a pulldown menu with the following items:

Exit Exits ALMSys

Set Locations Sets the locations to be used on reports, interfaces, etc.

For Screen Shown Evokes the help topic for the screen shown
About Shows ALMSys version and registration information

Beneath the pulldown menu are icons that will access the majority of ALMSys screens and functions.

Dashboard: A quick view of the overall status of deals that are past or almost ready to terminate. Messages may be found here as well.
Add New Deal: Adds a new lease or loan.
Accounts: Access to all customers and deal information.
Payments: Mass payment posting screens. This includes the EFT interface to your bank.
Reports: Access to all reporting functions. This includes billing and credit bureau reporting.
or Reminders: Access to reminders.
Interfaces: Export interfaces. This includes accounting and coupons.
Preferences: Your personal ALMSys preferences.
Mailings: Access to individual or mass mailings.
Collections: Access to collections screens and functions.
  Tools: Access to tools menu.
Reconnect the ALMSys database.
Administrative: Access to administrative functions. This includes overall ALMSys settings and security.

Below the icons, and taking up the majority of the screen, is the area in which the data screens will be displayed.

The bottom of the screen contains an informational area that contains the following items:
  • Context sensitive field hints. When you hover the mouse over any ALMSys field or control, it will show you a brief explanation of what you are hovering over.
  • The current version of ALMSys.
  • A scrolling marquee of messages from ALMSys Support.

    Important Note: On a number of edit screens within ALMSys, you will see a button. This button will abort (or cancel) your current edits and revert the fields back to their original values since the last save.

    ALMSys Startup Screen
    You may control which screen you first see when you log into ALMSys. This is done in Preferences - Overall.