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This gives you access to the reporting functions in ALMSys.


Button Bar
The top of the tools area contains some buttons that are used for the underlying screens. These buttons are:

Close. This will completely close out of reports.

Menu Panel
The right side of the screen consists of a panel that is used to select the desired screen.

Screens are are controlled by security as to whether or not you can access them and/or edit them.

General Group
Queue: Provides access to the Piint Queue for report viewing and exporting.
Query: Allows you to create and execute your own data queries.

Billing Group
Lease: Creates the billing (and statements) for leases.

Special Reports Group
Credit Bureau: Creates the monthly credit bureau file.

Data Screen Area
The area to the left of the menu panel is where the data will be displayed for editing. 

Each data screen will have its own button bar whuch will contain the name of the screen. Any special buttons associated with that data screen will usually appear on that bar. If a screen is subdivided into tabbed pages, it is quite possible that each tabbed page would have its own button bar.

Top Panel
Below the top Button Bar is a panel that contains date range settings and an area that will show you report progress when a report is run. 

The Date Range has a drop-down retractable panel underneath the dates shown. Click the thin green bar to show and hide this panel.

Reports Panel
There is a retractable reports panel on the left side of the screen. You should see a yellow control that will open and close this panel. This panel is where you will run a report. 

You may limit the list of reports specifically to lease-only or loan-only reports. You may also control whether or not you wish to include late fees on the reports.

As each report is selected, corresponding help information is shown to the right.

To run a report, either double-click the report or single-click it and press the Run Selected Report button. The report data extraction progress will be shown at the top of the screen and after the data has been extracted, you will be taken to the print queue screen.

There are many reports available in ALMSys. You may create your own list of the reports that you run most frequently. Simply right-click on the report on the list and then click, "Add to My Reports." Use the toggle button at the top of the window to switch betweem My Reports and All Reports. To remove a report from My Reports, simply right-click on it on the My Reports screen and remove it.