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This screen allows you to view, dismiss, edit, and add reminders.

Layout / How-To
Reminders are accessed from the main menu buttons or . The second button indicates that there are reminders that are for today's date or before. Hovering the mouse over the button will tell you how many outstanding reminders are present.

The reminders screen is laid out with the list of reminders on the left, and the details behind an individual reminder on the right. If you have security to edit reminders, then you may alter the reminder data.

To dismiss the selected reminder, click the button. If the reminder is tied to a customer account and deal, then a contact history record will be added to that customer stating that the reminder was dismissed.

Use the button to add a new reminder. Use the button to copy the selected reminder to a new one. Each reminder needs to have a Reminder and a Date. The Date must be set up for today or in the future. You may tie the reminder to a customer account number and deal. Click the Select Account and Deal button to select the deal for this reminder. Use the button to remove the assignment.

Use the Who Can See box to determine who can see this reminder. (The Reminders System Administrator can always see all reminders.)

The Who Can Dismiss box is used to control who can dismiss the reminder. (The Reminders System Administrator can always dismiss any reminder.)

There is no way to delete a reminder. You may dismiss it, but it may not be deleted.

Reminders remain on ALMSys for 7 years. At that point, they are removed from the system.