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ALMSys® can manage your in-house lease and loan portfolios for you Dealer Management Software (DMS). Currently, ALMSys® has interfaces developed for Quorum's XSELLERATOR™, DealerTrack, and ADP. (The interface sends depreciation, leveraged financing payments, customer payments, and billing data. There is also an interface that imports new deal data.)

ALMSys® is a robust Windows-based product that can easily perform the bill and collection processes for your portfolio.

You will need training in order to properly use ALMSys®. Telephone training and support are included at no charge for licensed ALMSys® customers.

If your current portfolio is currently being electronically tracked, we may be able to convert your data directly into ALMSys®. Or, you may wish to take advantage of "cleaning up" your data by manually entering your data.

ALMSys® may be configured to run on a network for multiple-PC access.


A standalone version of ALMSys® licenses for $995.00 USD, and the network version licenses for $3,995.00 USD. There is a monthly maintenance charge for usage that is based on the number of active deals in the portfolio. For example, 51 to 100 deals would cost $65.00 USD per month, 101 to 150 deals would cost $97.50 USD per month, and 151 to 200 deals would cost $130.00 USD per month. (The fee schedule reduces in per deal cost for higher volume portfolios. Please see the Costs Grid for more details for "DMS Costs per Active Deal".) The monthly maintenance charge pays for all new versions of the software plus toll-free telephone support.

There is NO CHARGE to convert your existing data to ALMSys®.

If you wish to speak with an ALMSys® representative, please contact Support.