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ALMSys® Costs

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Standalone Version

The standalone version of ALMSys® is $995.00 USD to license.

Network Version

The network version of ALMSys® is $3,995.00 USD to license.

Monthly Maintenance Fees

ALMSys® requires that a monthly maintenance fee be paid. The fee pays for telephone support and all changes to the ALMSys® system. The monthly maintenance is based on the number of active leases (or loans) as of the ending day of the prior month, and starts at $0.75 per active lease per month. Fees may be paid by check or credit card (preferred). Non-U.S. customers are required to pay by credit card. (All fees are US Dollars.)

The minimum monthly cost is $35.00.

ALMSys® Quotes and ALMSys® Accounting

Please go to the ALMSys® Quotes and Accounting page for those costs.