ALMSys, Inc.

Downloads for ALMSys®

Installation of the ALMSys® software should be done by ALMSys, Inc. staff. This will ensure that the ALMSys® software is installed correctly.

ALMSys® Core Demo Download

You may download and test a demonstration version of ALMSys® on a standalone PC. This demo is limited to a few deals. Only the ALMSys® core program is available for demonstration testing.

The ALMSys installation is a multi-step process. Please follow these instructions closely in order to get a good installation. If you want, contact Support and they will be happy to perform the installation for you.

  1. Install Microsoft SQL Server 2022 Express. Click here for instructions on installing this product.
  2. Download & install the current version of ALMSys® by clicking here.
  3. Click the Immediate Installation button.
  4. From your Windows menu, open the "ALMSys SQL" folder and then select "ALMSys Database Initializion."
  5. Make sure that the Server Name is accurate to the SQL Server instance name that you provided.
  6. The password that you provided in the SQL Server Express installation needs to be entered into the Password field.
  7. Save your changes by clicking the save button (blue diskette) at the top of the "ALMSys [Connect] Parameters" box.
  8. Go to the next tab, "Connection: Not Connected."
  9. Click the Connect to SQL Server button. If the information on the prior page was accurate, it will connect to SQL Server and the ALMSys Database Status should state, "NOT FOUND".
  10. Click the Create ALMSys Database button. The status should change to "Found on ...... and connected successfully."
  11. Go to the next tab, "Create Tables."
  12. Click the Create All Tables button. You will get a warning message; proceed with the creation.
  13. On the right side, click the Load All Tables button. Again, you will get a warning message; proceed with the load.
  14. Close this program. ALMSys® is ready to run. The initial logon for ALMSys® is "master" and the password is also "master."

There are no leases or loans present in the initial ALMSys® data. If desired, you may request sample data from Support.

ALMSys® Updates

Updates to ALMSys are available to registered users of the software.