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Mailings: Merges - Not Sent

This is used to hold the merges that have not yet been e-mailed. Merges do not need to be e-mailed; they can simply be printed for paper mailing.

Layout / How To
Mailings are grouped by mail merge. Groups are internally sequentially numbered from 1.

The screen in laid out in a tabbed notebook that shows overall queue groups and details for each group.

Groups remain in the not sent queue until they are deleted. The program will automatically delete group entries upon successful e-mailing, where they are moved to the sent queue. If you are simply printing a merge, then you will need to delete the group upon completion.

Details Page
Most of the actions on this page are controlled by which items in the grid are marked (checked). There are buttons for marking and unmarking all entries.

A preview of the merged template is displayed as you move from line to line through the grid. If the merge has a PDF attachement, there is a button to view that PDF document.

E-mail addresses may be edited. The edit screen will show up to two buttons that represent the customer e-mail address and the deal e-mail address override. These buttons will only show up if there are values for those fields. You may always type in a different address manually.

If you have never sent an e-mail from ALMSys, then you will need to set up your e-mail settings. To do this, you will need to go to the Account - Overall screen and click the e-mail button at the end of the E-Mail Address field. This will take you to the ALMSys Send E-Mail screen. Please refer to the help topic on that screen to set up your e-mail settings.

If you are sending e-mails, then you need to mark those entires that need to be e-mailed and click the Send E-Mails for Marked button. Successful e-mail sends will result in the detail record being removed from this screen and added to the Merges Sent queue. If all details within a group are sent as e-mails, then the group will be removed from the Not Sent queue.