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Payments: Multiple Payments Grid

This screen controls the payment batches for ACH/EFT export and posting to ALMSys. The most recent batch is listed first, but you may change the grid sort by clicking on any of the grid's column titles.

How To
Each batch listed is either a payments batch or an ACH/EFT batch. Both types of batches allow the resulting list of payments to be posted to ALMSys and exported to ledgers. The ACH/EFT batch is a special type that allows the exporting of payment originations through an external interface. Batches are kept until you delete them, or until they are older than one year (where they will automatically be deleted).

To start a new batch, click the New ACH/EFT button if you are going to export payment originations, or click the New Payments button if you are not exporting payment originations. Then, provide a Title in the space provided and click the save button.

All payment data adding and manipulation is performed in the Multiple Payments Grid Data screen. To get there, either click the View Details button or double-click on the new batch in the grid.

Once the payments have been posted, the resulting payment batches may be exported to your ledger from this screen. (You may also go to the Interfaces: Payments screen to do this.) To export from this screen, double-click on the batch listed in the Ledger Journals Exported box. (That will take you to the Journal Export screen where journals are exported.) Your export progress will be tracked in the batches grid.