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Interfaces: Payments

The payments interface will create a journal for exporting to an external ledger. It also provides a list of the payment batches that have been exported and are ready for export. (Payments are put into batches either when they are posted or from the payment history screen.)

How To
The date range is not used for payment exports; all payments within a batch will be exported.

All journals created will be passed to the Journal Export screen for review and export.

Batches which have not yet been exported will appear unhighlighted. Use the Which Batches to Show? to control the batches displayed in the grid.

All open batches may be combined into one batch via the Combine All Open Batches button. You may also add a comment to the batch via the Edit Comment button.

To delete a batch, click the Delete Batch button. The payments themselves will NOT be deleted; they will just be removed from the batch.

Editing a Batch
To edit a batches contents, double click on it in the grid. To remove a payment from a batch, mark the check box for that payment and click the Remove Marked Payments from Batch button. This does not delete the payment form ALMSys; it simply removes it from this batch.