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Accounts: Deal - Calculations

Used to display the original lease or loan calculations and choices made to derive these calculations.

The Calculations page represents the calculations. Capitalized costs are add-on costs and non-capitalized costs are due at contract signing. The Non-Capitalized Costs and Capitalized Costs pages itemize these costs.

The calculation type is indicated at the top, middle of the screen. 

The Change Lease End Value button (leases only) will allow you to change the original lease end value for this deal. The payment will not change; the program will simply recalculate the base payment breakdown of principal and interest. If the lease has been extended, the extended lines will be recalculated as well and you will get a new, current end value. This will not work for leases with skips. All billing and payment information will remain unchanged. If you balance by the Payment Distribution Report, you will need to make adjustments based on the new amortization schedule. (Adjustments to principal and interest distribution only.)

The End Date may be changed (for a lease only). Click on the lease end date, input a new end date (within the date range shown), and then accept the change.