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Accounts: Deal - External

Used to track external accounts associated with this deal.

The External Number is used differently, depending on your situation.
  • DealerTrack. This must match the DealerTrack customer number.
  • Coupon Exporting. The customer's account number.
  • CDK. The customer's account number.
  • External payment interface. The customer's account number, followed by a hyphen, followed by the deal (or loan) number.

    The ALMSys External Payment Interface will also update the External Balance and Date of Balance fields as new payments are posted from that interface.

    Payments and Taxes
    This page is only used by those users that have ALMSys Quotes and are using the Daily Payment Interface program to import payments made from and external system. The purpose of this screen is to track taxes for monthly tax reporting.

    All payments imported through the Daily Payments Interface program will appear in this grid. If you have payment posting security, then you may add or delete items into this grid. 

    To add a payment into this grid, enter the total amount of the payment, the tax amount on the payment, and the date on which the payment was made. Then, select one of the two buttons:

    Post in BOTH the Payment History and This Grid  This will post the payment to the ALMSys Payment History and to the grid on this screen. You need to be aware of the following before posting to ALMSys:
  • The posting date used will either be the date that you provide for the payment or the last transaction date on this account, whichever is greater.
  • Payments may be made to either a lease or a loan account. (Loan accounts are not recommended and will not work right if no taxes are assigned.)
  • You may not post to a deal which has been terminated.

    Post ONLY into the Grid Below  This will only post the payment to the grid on the screen. You may not post to a deal which has been terminated.

    When the payment is posted to the grid, the Tax Amount will be broken down to the tax codes assigned to the deal, based on the percentages of the tax entities.