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This is the gateway to all of the reporting functions in ALMSys. You can run, view, and print reports from here. You can also create your own queries against the ALMSys data as well.

If you update certain items (such as the date range), you can save your changes by pressing the button in the top, left corner. This button will only "light up" when a change has been made.

You may change the default printer by selecting File - Printer Setup from the menu. Your selection will apply to all printing in this ALMSys session. (It will not change the default Windows printer.)

How To Run A Report
Set the Date Range
Most of the reports in ALMSys are sensitive to a date range. Depending on the report, the date range may go against the posting date, the deal date, or any of the other dates that may be present on the report.

You may manipulate the Start Date and End Date calendars by using the controls on the calendars themselves, using the Calendar Speed Buttons (located below the calendars), or by using the Special Speed Set Buttons (also located below the calendars). You will find that the Calendar Speed Buttons will work the best for most reports.

The current date range selected will always be shown in the upper, righthand corner of the screen.

Set the Locations
Use Set Locations in the menu to specify which locations are to be reported. Even if you have only one location, it should be marked.

Run the Report
Click on the Reports tab at the top. Click on the report that you wish to run and press the button. The report data will be extracted and the results placed into the print queue.

You may limit the reports listed to show lease reports only, loan reports only, or both.

View the Report
All reports go to the print queue and will display as the last report in the queue. Click on the report and press the View/Print Entry button.

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Reports Available
Please use the Contents button at the top of this help window to see the list of available reports.