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How Does Invoicing Work?

Invoice numbers are assigned to all billing statements. On the Overall ALMSys Control Settings screen, there are fields that control the next invoice number, maximum invoice number, and whether invoice image files are created.

By default, the first invoice number will be 1. You may set this to whatever starting number that you wish. ALMSys will increment this number as invoice numbers are assigned. The absolute maximum invoice number allowed is 2147483647. You may override this maximum number. When the invoice number reaches the maximum, it will start over at 1.

Invoice image files are simply PDF and RTF files, one for each generated statement. Their purpose is to allow you to see exactly what was created, and to give you the ability to reprint. These images are stored in the almsyssql\invoices folder. Invoices are numbered by invoice number, such as 0000000001.pdf, 0000000002.rtf, etc. Numbering them with leading zeros keeps them numerically in order in a directory display.

Lease Payment History
On the Payment History screen, if you right-click on a billing line that has a corresponding invoice, it will show you that invoice number on the pop up menu. If there is a corresponding image, you will see a full link to that image file. Clicking on that image file will display the invoice.

Invoice Control File
The Invoice Control File keeps a record of each invoice number. Information includes the account number, deal number, term being billed, control number, year, make, model, statement dates, and statement amounts among other fields.

Information cannot be deleted from this file. If you run an update lease billing and need to restore the files in order to rerun the billing, then you need to make sure you restore the InvoiceControl file as well. Also, go to Tools - Overall Control and reset the invoice number back to where it was before you ran billing. (If you did not know what the number was, display the invoice control grid and scroll until you see the first invoice created for the billing run date selected.)

Renumbering an account or moving a deal from one account to another will be reflected in the Invoice Control File. However, the image that was created as a result of the billing run will not change; that will always be a snapshot of what was created.

Deleting an account or deal will not affect the Invoice Control File. The information for that account and deal will remain in the file.