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Invoice Control Grid

Main Menu - Tools - Invoice Control Grid

This is used to show a grid of all of the invoices and statements created.

Layout / How To
This grid works like most of the grids in ALMSys. It may be sorted by any column simply by clicking on its header.

Use the fields at the top of the screen to limit the grid display. Click the Apply Limit(s) button to reflect your limits on the grid. You may specify more than one limit at a time. Click the button to clear all limits that have been set.

Double-clicking on a specific row in the grid will display the corresponding invoice image, if one was created.

The Source column will tell you the type of invoice:
0 = Lease Statement
1 = Loan Statement
2 = Lease Termination Settlement Statement

Most images are in a PDF format. However, Lease Termination Settlement statements are RTF files, and you will notice that their Term Numbers start with 10000. This is to keep them well separated from the lease invoices.

Loan statements with a Term Number of 20000 represent loan payoff statements.