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Loan Payoff Statement

Main Menu - Loan - Payoff Statement

This screen is used to provide a final statement of loan payoff to the customer. It will also mark the loan so that no further statements are produced.

Layout / How To
Before using this screen, you should have received the final payoff funds from the customer. This screen is not a "final bill" screen, but more of a "final receipt" screen. If you are looking for something that you can give the customer in order for them to make a final payment, then it is recommended to use the Loan Payoff Projection that is part of the Loan Status screen.

Post the final payoff you received from the customer. Then click the Fill In from Payments Posted button and select their final payment from the grid. Most likely, it is the first on listed. If you have not posted the payment yet, then you may manually fill in the  Payoff Received amount and Payoff Date fields.

Click the Preview Statement button to make sure the report looks accurate. Once that looks OK, click the Final Statement button to produce the final loan payoff statement. Once the final payoff statement has been created, the loan will be internally marked so that it never produces a statement again. If ALMSys is set up to produce statement image files, then you may always view/print the image. (Your loan payoff statement will be added to the invoice control file under the term number of 20000.)

After producing the payoff statement, you should go ahead and do the loan termination.

Loan Payoff Statement