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Loan Status

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The loan status is a brief look at the status of the current loan. All information is initially calculated as of today (or rather, the PC's current date). If the loan has had a future payment made, then the information will be calculated as of the future payment date.

Layout / How To
Information conveyed on this screen is controlled by the starting and ending calendars. All balance and paid information will be shown for the date range provided by these calendars. When changing the calendars, always press the Calculate button to obtain the new results.

Based on the billing and payment activity, the beginning and ending balances are shown on the left. The ending balance (shown in green) is the payoff of the loan as of the end date. This means that you can quote future payoffs by simply changing the end date and clicking the Calculate button.

The last fully paid invoice information is shown.

Right-click on the Other field to display a detailed list of the other charges.

The = button above the End Date calendar will set the End Date equal to the Start Date. It will also recalculate the screen when pressed.

Loan Status
Loan Payoff Projection