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This gives you access to mass payment posting and EFT interfaces.


Button Bar
The top of the payments area contains some buttons that are used for the underlying screens. These buttons are:

Close. This will completely close out of payments.
Save. This is used to save the data on the screen currently being edited.
Abort. This will cancel the changes you are currently making and revert back to the pre-edited data.

Menu Panel
The right side of the screen consists of a retracting panel that is used to select the desired payment screen. Use the bright fuschia vertical bar to open and close this panel. 

Screens are grouped by function and are controlled by security as to whether or not you can access them and/or edit them.

General Group
Multiple Payments Grid: Allows the export of ACH/EFT batches. Allows the posting of multiple payments at a time. Allows posted payment batches to be exported to ledger interfaces.
Balance Holding: Allows you to keep balances for customers who have no deals in ALMSys.
Daily Payments Interface: Used to view, print, and delete the files created as the result of the Daily Payments Interface program.
Credit Card Log: Used to review the log of credit card charges and attempted credit card charges.

Import Group
From CSV File: Allows the importing of an external payment file for postininto ALMSys.

Data Screen Area
The area to the left of menu panel is where the data will be displayed for the payments screen selected. 

Each data screen will have its own button bar whuch will contain the name of the screen. Any special buttons associated with that data screen will usually appear on that bar. If a screen is subdivided into tabbed pages, it is quite possible that each tabbed page would have its own button bar.