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Most of the available reports in ALMSys are listed here. Reports are categorized and subcategorized to help you determine find the right report. Click on the column headings in the grid to resort the display by that column.

To run a report, either double click on the report title, or single click on the report title and press the button. (See the Reports Notebook for step-by-step instructions on report running.)

The Month End column is used to mark specific reports for month end processing. This allows you to have ALMSys remember which reports you wish to run once each month. All of the reports that are marked will be sensitive to the locations marked and the date range selected. Press the button to run all of the marked reports. When done, you will be taken to the Print Queue page.

Use the Include Late Fees check box to include or exclude late fees charged and waived on any report that calculates balances (leases only). When running loan reports, make sure this box is checked.

The Credit Bureau button is used to process the monthly credit bureau data file for the credit bureau. Please read the help topic How to Process Credit Bureau Data for more details.

Reports that appear in the list as reverse video and red indicate that the selection criteria has been overridden on the Report Options screen.

See the Loan Statements help topic for how to run loan statements.

The Invoice Number Billed Detail Report box is used to control the running of the Invoice Number Billed Detail. To run this report, set the locations and date range as you would for any other report. Select the Type of Invoice that you wish to see on the report and click the Run the Report button. 

Contract Status File
The Create Contract Status File button is used to create a SQL Server file within ALMSys called, "ContractStatusFile." The intention is to create a file of the status of current active leases and loans.

To run this, set the locations and set the date range to the date through which you want balances calculated. Then, click this button.

To access the results, query into the ALMSys database as follows:

1. The database name is ALMSYS

2. The access logon and password will vary depending on your installation. Contact Support for this information.

3. Set up your query: Select * from ContractStatusFile

The data fields are: (SQL definition is in parenthesis at the end of the description.)

CSF_AcctNo Customer account number. (Varchar(15))
CSF_AcctDealNo Customer deal number under this account number. (Int)
CSF_ControlNo Control number for this deal (i.e. lease number, loan number). (Varchar(15))
CSF_CustomerName Formatted customer name. (Varchar(40))
CSF_ContractType LEASE or LOAN. (Varchar(10))
CSF_ContractDate Lease or loan inception date. (Datetime)
CSF_MaturityDate Lease or loan maturity date. (Datetime)
CSF_VIN Vehice identification number or serial number of the collateral. (Varchar(17))
CSF_VehicleYear Year. (Int)
CSF_VehicleMake Make. (Varchar(10))
CSF_VehicleModel Model. (Varchar(15))
CSF_VehicleStockNo Stock Number. (Varchar(20))
CSF_PmtAmt Payment amount. (Money)
CSF_PmtFrequency Payment frequency (i.e. Monthly, Weekly, etc.). (Varchar(20))
CSF_Balance Lease or loan balance. (Money)
CSF_OriginalFinanceAmt Original lease or loan capitalized cost. (Money)
CSF_BalloonAmt Lease end value or loan balloon amount. (Money)
CSF_BalloonDueDate Date on which the balloon is due. (Datetime)
CSF_InterestRate Interest rate. (Real)
CSF_OriginalTerm Term. (Int)
CSF_DaysPastDue Number of days past due. Zero means current. (Int)
CSF_NextPmtDueDate The next scheduled payment due date. If zero, then the deal is at term. (Datetime)
CSF_DataAsOfDate The date that this data is as of. (Datetime)