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Report Options

This screen is used to control the attributes of a report. To get to this screen, you must either 1) Run the report for which you wish to change, 2) Go to the print queue and find the entry you just created, 3) Right click on the entry, and 4) Select Options; or, 1) Go to the Reports Page, 2) Right click on the desired report, and 3) Select Options.

Layout / How To
You can control the margins of any report. To use the default value for any margin, set it to negative one (-1). To use default values for all margins, check the box provided.

Margins are measured in inches.

To adjust the margins for a report, follow these steps:

1. If the Use Report Margins box is checked, uncheck it.

2. Press the Retrieve button. This will get the current margin values from the report itself.

3. Adjust the margins as needed and Press the OK button to save your changes.

The new margins will be remembered the next time this report is run.

Selection Criteria
PLEASE seek support when using this page. The Selection Criteria page is used to control the record selection criteria for a report. In other words, you can further limit the records that show up on a report. (Note: Selection criteria uses standard SQL commands and syntax.) In order to use this page, you must know the names of the ALMSys report fields. Only Support can help you with this.

A good example of when you would want to limit the records on a report is with the Delinquency Report. This report normally reports all leases that are at least one day delinquent. You can further limit this report to only view delinquencies that are 15 or more days delinquent. Follow these steps to accomplish this:

1. Right click on the Delinquency Report.

2. Select Options.

3. Select the Selection Criteria tab.

4. Retrieve what the report currently has for selection criteria by pressing the Retrieve button. What you get back may look confusing and mathematical. It is the program logic that is used to control the records that appear on the report. (Note: Not all reports have selection criteria. It is common to have blank selection criteria.) For the Delinquency Report, you will get a line that looks like: Where (CalcDelqCat <> 0)

5. In our example, we want to see only those deals that are 15 days or greater delinquent. Press Enter at the end of the existing criteria line to add a new line. Then, type and (CalcDelqDays > 14)

6. Press to save your changes.

After changing the selection criteria for a report, simply view the report to see the results. The selection criteria that you specify will remain in effect until you go back to the Report Options screen and remove  the criteria.

Use the Use Report Default button to delete your selection criteria override for the report.