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Payment History

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Provides a complete billing and payment history of the lease. This screen is intended for leases, and not loans. For loans, please use the Loan Payment Schedule screen.

The overall history is a combination of billing records and payment records. This information is provided from separate files and combined in one display. It is ordered by billing date and payment posting date. Payments are always listed first on the same date (as the billing date).

Billing information is provided in the first five columns. The month number, date of billing (post date), amount billed for this month, late fees added, and payment due date are displayed.

Payment information is provided in the next nine columns. The total amount paid, type of payment code, payment made date, payment posted date, new total outstanding amount owed, how paid, check number, payment notes, and receipt number are displayed.

The payment made date represents the date that the payment was received. The payment posted date is the date on which you want the payment to be added to the ALMSys records. (This is primarily for balancing purposes.)

Payment types are explained in Payment or Adjustment Post.

The amount owed is not the lease asset balance, rather it is the current amount of the normal monthly payments that are outstanding (or prepaid, if negative).

The next eight columns provide more details as to how the billing for this line breaks down. Total billed is the full amount of the last billing, including outstanding amounts owed and late charges. The remaining columns show this detail.

The last column shows which location the payment was made. This is based on the user's overall security settings. 

More detail is available via the right mouse button. If you right-click on any field on a line that has billing information, the following display will appear.

In this example, it tells us that the $18.51 is Wisconsin state tax. If more tax entities made up this amount, they would be listed. Also, all "Other" amounts would be broken down, including one-time billing amounts.

How To
Payment made dates may be changed by clicking on the desired payment made date, dropping down the calendar, selecting the correct date, clicking anywhere else on the payment history display, and confirming your change.

Payment notes may be changed by double clicking on the notes field for the desired payment. A note edit box will be provided for your note editing. Notes may be printed or queued from there.

History transactions may be purged via the Purge Last Transaction button at the top of the display. The last payment or billing will be deleted. WARNING! Use this button with forethought, as you will change balancing if items are deleted from a prior balancing period.

The entire payment history can be erased using the Purge Entire History button. This is a dangerous button and is only used in emergency cases where you need to manually rebuild the entire payment history for a lease. Most ALMSys users turn this function off in security.

Payments may be added or removed from a payment batch via the right-click pop-up menu.

A statement may be created for the first term of the lease by clicking the Create Statement for Term #1 button. This will not update the billing history; it simply creates a printed statement for the first term of the lease.

Payment History
Audit Detail for Payment history