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Loan Payment Schedule

Main Menu - Loan - Payment Schedule

The loan payment schedule will show a complete loan payment history, including all of the payment due dates for the loan.

Layout / How To
A yellow highlighted line will convey the current due date. Scroll right to see the payment breakdowns.

The "Days" column is the number of days before (negative) or after (positive) the due date that the payment was made. Negative days are good!!

There are two reports available from this screen; a "Loan Payment History" and a "Loan Payment Schedule."  The Loan Payment History is intended to be given to the customer.

Receipts may be reprinted from this screen as well. Click on the receipt number in the grid to be reprinted and then click the Reprint Receipt button above the grid.

If you need to delete the last payment posted to this deal, then click the Purge Last Payment button. The payment will be deleted and the Next Due Date will be properly recalculated for you.

Payments may be manually added or removed from a payment batch via the right-click pop-up menu.

Loan Payment History
Loan Payment Schedule