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Mailings: Merges - Sent

This is used to hold the merges that have been e-mailed. 

Layout / How To
While this is laid out much like the Merges - Not Sent screen, there are differences. Groups will contain all e-mails sent, which may include records that have been sent more than once (such as for invalid e-mail address corrections).

Items will remain in this queue until YOU delete them.

Sent E-Mails Page
ALL sent e-mails for all groups are on this page. The grid is sortable by clicking on the desired coluimn heading. For the sorted column, there is a search box that will allow you to locate records.

If you need to change the e-mails address of an item that was sent, then you will need to mark that item and click the Add Marked to Not Sent Queue for Re-Send button. You cannot resend an e-mail fro this screen, nor can you alter the e-mail address. This queue only shows sent items. You will need to return to the Merges - Not Sent queue, fix the e-mail address, mark it, and re-send it.

Use the Filter Grid button to filter the Sent E-Mails grid to specific values. Filtering the results will allow you to narrow down the display and facilitate the marking of specific records more quickly.

Remember, these e-mails will remain here until they are specifically deleted.