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Mailings: General - Create Merge

This is used to create a mail merge from a mailings template and a print queue entry.

Layout / How To
This will walk you through creating a mail merge. When a merge is created, the resulting records are written to the Merges - Not Sent queue. From there, you may print or e-mail the results for your customers.

Select Template
A list of templates are listed. Single click on the desired template and click the Next button.

Select Print Queue
A list of your print queue entries is displayed. Single click on the desired print queue entry and click the Next button.

The analysis will automtically be performed for you. This main thrust of this analysis is to show you which records have e-mail addresses and which records do not. The entries that do not have e-mail addresses will be shown as highlighted in the grid.

These questions control which records are merged and what happens to the print queue entry.

To Whom Are you Mailing? If you are creating a print-only merge, then you most likely want Everyone. For e-mail merges, please keep in mind that you can modify/add e-mail addresses before you send them.

How Should Accounts with Multiple Deals be Handled? If you only wish to have one mailing per customer, then you want to merge all deals for the same account into one.

What is Getting Mailed? The template is always included in printed merges and e-mail merges. For e-mail merges only, you can elect to include the underlying print queue entry as a PDF attachment to the e-mail. You would do this for reports like statements.

Should Records be Removed from the Print Queue Entry? Say you are sending billing statements to only those customers who have e-mail addresses, and then you want to print only those that do not have addresses. In this case you would select "Only Those with E-Mail Addresses" in the first question and "Yes, Remove Records from the Entry" in this question. The end result will be a merge that only has e-mail addresses and a print queue entry that has the remaining records.

Click the Next button to proceed.

Perform Merge
Click the Perform the Merge button to do the merge. This does not print entries nor does it e-mail entries. The results are placed into the "Merges Not Sent" queue. From there, you may alter e-mail addresses, print, and/or e-mail the results. You will be taken to the Merges Not Sent screen upon completion of the merge.