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Administrative: Report Formatting

This is used to control the fonts and colors of report data that is exported to a spreadsheet format. This will affect every report that is exported. Please make sure you understand this screen before making any changes.

Font: The font for everything on the spreadsheet.

Report Title: The title for the report will always begin in cell A1, or row 1 column 1.

Counter: This is how many records are in the report. The counter consists of the label, "Count:" followed by the value of the count. The column specified is for the label, and the value will be placed in the next column to the right.

Column Titles: Each column has two title lines. The row specified is for the first column title. The second column title will be placed in the next row down.

Data: This is the row for the first line of data. Typically, this would be the column title row plus two.

Date Range: This is the date range that is used for this report. 

Summations: For those numeric values that are tallied, this is the row for those summations. The summations consist of two rows: one for the summations and one for averages. Averages will be placed in the row immediately below the summations. (Averages will not be bold, but will have the same color and point size as the summations.)