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Administrative: Compliance

This is used to view and print the monthly ALMSys maintenance bill. The monthly compliance is automatically transmitted to ALMSys, Inc. once per month, and is transmitted on the first ALMSys user login each month.

You may manually transmit the compliance from this screen by clicking the Transmit button.

Layout / How to
If you are paying your monthly maintenance by credit card, use the Credit Card Payment Set Up box to keep your credit card information up-to-date. 

The Access Password field is used to show the credit card detail fields. This field is case sensitive and between 4 and 15 characters. Do not press Enter after typing the password; when the password is correct, the fields will show.

The credit card fields and billing address should be straightforward.

To set or change your access password, enter the new password twice in the fields provided at the bottom of the box. Press the Update Password button to make and save your change.

How To Recover a Forgotten Password
Transmit your compliance and then call Support. Your password is part of the compliance information that is transmitted and Support will be able to tell you your password.