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Accounts: Deal - Other Journal Entries

This screen will allow you to define miscellaneous journal entries that will feed through the accounting interface exports.

The grid is used to list the current other journal entries that have been defined for this deal.

To add a new entry, press the button that is located immediately above the grid.

Use the panel on the right to edit the journal data. Press the button to save your changes.

Each entry must be tied to one of the accounting interfaces. Make your selection in the Tie to Which Interface? box.

Provide a ledger account and a ledger offset account. One of the two signs must be set to "-" and one must be set to "+" in order to work properly.

You may limit the journal entry to a specific range of months. This range is inclusive and is directly tied to the interface selected. If you do not specify a value, then ALMSys will assume "ALL." Here are a few examples:

Start End Explanation
0 15 All months through month 15.
10 10 Month 10 only.
6 0 All months, starting at month 6.
0 0 All months.

Use the buttons to reposition existing entries up and down in the list. Position does not affect the end resulting journal entry, but will allow the entries to be viewed in a logical order.

Use the button to delete the current journal entry.