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Accounts: Vehicle - Overall

This screen contains overall vehicle information and settings.

Basic vehicle information is on this page, including license and title fields. 

Additional vehicle related information is on this page.

Overall vehicle notes.

Renumber / Assign Different VIN
This is used to either fix a VIN that was input incorrectly, or to reassign the deal to completely different vehicle.

The current VIN will be filled into the field at the top of the screen. You must change this VIN to the new VIN for this deal.

In Step 2, select the first item if you are simply fixing an incorrectly typed VIN. If the new VIN is for a completely different vehicle, then select the second option.

Click the Make the Change to the New VIN button to complete the change. When completed, the screen will be refreshed with the new vehicle.

(Note: If you selected option 2, the program will search to see if the new VIN is already on file. If not, then a new, empty vehicle record will be added and you will need to provide the vehicle information after the screen is refreshed to the new VIN.)