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Accounts: Account - Audit Trail

This screen contains all audit trail information when this account was the current account selected. It is important to note that not all records shown are direct edits to this account. Some may be logons and logoffs, and some may be print queue entries. Those other audit entries will show up because that account was the account selected when the other actions occurred.

You may suppress/include certain audit trail entries via the check boxes at the top of the screen.

The fields shown are:
  • #: A sequential number assigned when the audit trail record is written.
  • User I.D.: The ALMSys log-in user i.d.
  • Date / Time: Date and time of the record.
  • Deal: The number of the deal.
  • Action: The database action. A=Add, D=Delete, L=Login/Logout, U=Update.
  • Function: The entity reporting the audit information. This is usually the ALMSys menu selection from which the action was performed.
  • EyeCatcher: In association with Function, this is usually the screen name or other pertinent information regarding the entry.
  • Description: Description of the entry.

    The audit trail is not a recovery mechanism within ALMSys. Rather, it will tell you who updated what screen and when. Some values are conveyed, but it does not report every field changed.