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Accounts: Deal - Overall

This screen contains overall deal information and settings.

The Control Number field is a special field that is used as a direct link to external accounting systems when interfacing. It is often filled with the stock number, but may be anything you need it to be.

A deal may be assigned to a different location by pressing the ... button at the end of the Location field and selecting the location from the list.

The Borrower is ... and Co-Borrower is ... are used to designate who is the borrower and who is the co-borrower for this deal. If the co-borrower lives at a different address from the primary and secondary address, then use the fields on the Co-Borrower tab.

Alerts may be set by selecting the Alert Color and then editing the Alert Message. Deal alert messages will scroll in the alert marquee, but only when the alert status is not "clBtnFace".

Fields for the Spread Disbursement Journal report are input on this screen.

E-mail information is used in mailings for individual deals for this customer. Use the check box to allow this deal to be included when e-mailing a mailing. (The corresponding check box on the Name / Address screen also needs to be checked.) If you specify an e-mail address on this screen, it will override the master e-mail address for this customer.

The Payment Alert Message is used to display a message whenever a user enters the Post Payment screen. The idea is to alert the person posting the payment to collect certain information from the person making the payment, such as "Need work phone number." Messages are stored with the date, time, and user i.d. of the person who set the message. Payment alert messages will scroll in the marquee.

Rep I.D. is used to assigned a fleet representative (salesperson) to this deal. Fleet Representatives are set up and maintained in Fleet Rep. Maintenance.

The Statement PO field will appear on lease and loan statements. Use this if the customer needs to reference a PO number.

The Spread Disbursement Journal / Current Business Review fields are used for the same two named reports and corresponding spreadsheets.

The Move Deal button will move this deal to a new or existing account. (See Move Deal for more information.)

The Delete Deal button will completely eliminate this deal from ALMSys.

This is used to designate a co-borrower that lives at a different address than the primary and secondary.

Overall notes for this deal.

Non-Applicant Spouse
This is used to designate a spouse who is not a borrower or co-borrower.