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Tools: Other - Check List Master

This is used to establish check lists that are used on the Accounts screens.

Layout / How To
The grid on the left shows all of the check lists set up so far.

A check list may be either for a lease deal, or for a loan deal. The Deal Type column will show an "L" for lease and an "N" for loan. Grid rows will be colored orange for a lease, and blue for a loan.

To start a new check list, click on of the "New" buttons above the grid. It is important to note that once a check list has been created, it cannot be deleted. You may deactivate it, but you may not delete it.

Open an existing check list by double clicking on it in the grid.

Check List Master Edit Screen
Please give a name to the check list. For example, "New Lease" would be a good name for the screens related to adding a new lease.

An item in the check list may be either one of the screens from the Accounts menus, or it may be a "link or note".  

The Accounts screens are listed in the green grid. You may double-click on one to select it to the check list, or you may single click on one and use the finger button that points to the left to add it.

You may add a link to a website (such as, or a link to a document (such as c:\users\my name\documents\leases.docx). Simply type the link into the Add Item as a Link or Note box and click the left finger button.

You may also use the link box to add a note to the list. The box allows enough room for brief notes.

Use the up and down arrow buttons to move items up or down in the check list. All new items are added to the bottom of the list, so you may need to move them up.

Use the button to delete a check list item. (Select the item and then click the button.)

When you are done editing the list, click the Save & Exit button.