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Compliance & Maintenance Bill

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Mandatory monthly reporting for ALMSys.

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ALMSys compliance is required by contract. Please run this after the first of each month and e-mail it to ALMSys Support. If Internet access is not available, then please fax it. ALMSys may be configured to automatically transmit this report to ALMSys Support each month. See the Preferences topic for more details.

For those that pay monthly maintenance, there is only one report to accompany your payment. If you prefer, you can pay your maintenance by credit card. There are two ways to pay by credit card: 

1. Simply print out the Compliance Report, fill in the credit card information, and fax it to support.

2. Transmit secured credit card information directly to support (see below).

(Unless you are transmitting credit card information directly to Support, please always e-mail the Compliance Report, even though you may also be faxing or mailing it as well. This will help tremendously!)

Transmitting Secured Credit Card Information
Using the Support Messages technology, you have the ability to transmit secured credit card payment information directly to the ALMSys Support website. To do this, follow these easy steps:
  • Press the button to begin the process. This will take you to the Credit Card Maintenance Payment screen.
  • The data on this screen is password secured. On the first time in, there is no password so you will need to use the Change Password feature at the bottom to set one. (Password protecting this information is not required, but recommended.) When providing the access password, the data will be displayed the moment you type in the password. There is no need to press Enter or click anywhere else.
  • You must provide most of the information on this screen. If you do not have a card code on the back of your credit card (American Express is the 4 digits on the front), please enter "9999." The address to be filled in is the credit card's billing address.
  • Press the Save button to save your changes. (This will not transmit anything; it will only save your data.)
  • Press the Send button to transmit your payment information to ALMSys Support.

    There is no need to send a Compliance Report when transmitting credit card payments. The compliance information is included in what is transmitted.

    Note: You do not need to know the access password to make a credit card payment. This means that you can simply press the credit card button and send it off. (This also means that other users can send maintenance payments without needing to see the credit card information.)

    Secured Data
    Password protecting your credit card information is highly recommended. This will protect against unwanted access. The credit card information that you provide is stored in an undisclosed location in the ALMSys database. This information is also encrypted before it is stored. (This means that even if your files get illegally accessed, your information will still be safe.) Only ALMSys Support knows how to decrypt this data.

    When your data is transmitted to Support, not only does it get saved directly to the secured ALMSys website, but it is again encrypted for extra protection. The data transmitted includes the information on your screen, along with all of the Compliance Report information.

    ALMSys Compliance