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Support Messages

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Used to communicate directly with ALMSys Support.

Technology Used
First of all, this is not e-mail ... even though it looks like e-mail. Messages are transmitted directly to and from the secured ALMSys website. Nothing is passed through e-mail queues. All that is needed is an Internet connection for this to work. Your firewall will need to allow these messages through (FTP is used). (If the FTP fails, then try using passive FTP by modifying the ALMSysConnect.ini file to add the line PassiveFTP=Yes in the [Connect] section.)

Virus Free
Beings that e-mail is not used, there is no way that a virus can "attach" itself to messages to and from ALMSys Support. Your communications will always be safe, secure, and virus free.

All that is needed is an active Internet connection. No other setup is required.

Layout / How To
Press the button to retrieve any messages from ALMSys Support. The "ALMSys Support Communications" panel will be displayed. This panel will show you transmission status and other information while connected to the ALMSys Support website. 

All messages (to you) and file transfer information will be conveyed in the message queue on the top half of the screen. Messages in boldface have not been read yet. Simply click on the message to read it on the lower portion of the screen. (Blue messages are from Support; black messages have been sent to Support.)

There are different types of transmissions from ALMSys Support.
  • Messages. Formatted messages (like e-mail). Messages from Support are coded to go to the first user who retrieves the message, to all users, or to a specific ALMSys user i.d. You will not see message text of those messages coded to go to a different user i.d. than yours.
  • Expiration date updates. This is a special type of message that will automatically update the ALMSys expiration date. Normally, this will occur every quarter.
  • Name change. This is a special type of message that will automatically change the registered ALMSys customer name.
  • Other files. Files that are "unknown" to this program will be saved to your user folder. (See the security screen for the location of this folder.) If you do not know what you are supposed to do with this type of file, please contact Support.

    Use the Show/Hide button to toggle the visibility of the ALMSys Support Communications panel.

    Use the button to start a new message to Support. (More on this below.)

    Use the button to reply to a Support message.

    Use the button to print the message.

    Use the Q button to place the message into your print queue.

    Use the button to delete the message.

    Sending Messages
    There are only two fields on the Message to Support screen: subject and message. Message text is RTF (rich text format). Click the Message Editor button to go to a formatted text editor. This will make it easier to change fonts, colors, etc.

    If you use the Message Editor, you will need to select File - Save and Exit (or simply press Ctrl-S) to close the editor.

    The editor has the ability of embedding pictures (bitmaps, jpegs, etc.), but you will not be able to attach external files like conventional e-mail.

    Press the Send button to transmit your message. A copy of your message will be placed in your message queue.

    Automated Message Checking
    By default, ALMSys will check for messages every five days. (This will occur just after signing on.)

    If you do not want automatic checking to occur, you may turn it off in your user preferences.