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Quotes Charges Detail

This screen is accessed through the Scenarios screen.

To add charges (cap. and non-cap.) to a scenario.

Layout / How To
This screen takes predefined lease charges master codes and allow you to assign them to a lease or loan. Master codes are set up through the button or from the Tools - Charges Master Maintenance menu option. See Charges Master Maintenance for more details on master codes.

When a master code has been selected, it will fill in the amount with the default amount from the master code. You may change this amount as desired. Click the + button to add the charge to this scenario. 

There are codes (such as for rebates) that are set up to calculate additional taxes. If you select one of these codes, you will be asked if you wish to make the resulting additional taxes capitalized or due on delivery. Follow the instructions you are given to make this selection. If you need to change this decision later, then you will need to delete the code you selected and select it again. (Don't worry about the "$TAXES" code as it will be fixed when you calculate the quote.)

Delete a charge by selecting from the list and clicking the button.

Codes in the list may not be edited. To change one, you will need to delete it and re-add it with the right amount.