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Lease Charges Master Code Maintenance

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New Deal

Used to create and maintain lease charges that are used for new deals.

Start Up
When started, a grid of all of the lease charges in the system will be displayed.

To create a new master code, press the New Code button. 

To edit (and delete) an existing master code, press the Edit Code button.

Layout of Master Code Maintenance Screen
The Code field is a unique identifier. It may be up to 10 characters in length. (Codes are uppercase only. The field will automatically do this for you.)

The Default amount field is used to prefill the amount when new charges are selected when Adding New Deals.

The Taxable? (Cap.) field is only used on lease charges that are capitalized.

The Taxable? (Non-cap) field is only used on lease charges that are non-capitalized. This applies only to ALMSys Quotes' due-on-delivery items.

The Action Panel contains the control buttons for the screen.

How To
To set up a new code, change the fields on the screen and press the Save & Exit button.

To delete a master code, press the Delete this Code button. If the code is not being referenced by any leases (active or terminated), then the code will be deleted.

To renumber a master code, change the Code field to a new and unique code, and then press the Save & Exit button.

Ledger accounts are established on bottom of the screen. Ledger accounts for all locations are defined here. Set up the Default Ledger Account and corresponding Default Ledger Offset account for all locations and then use the grid to override these assignments on a location-by-location basis. (If you balance using the Payment Distribution reports, then you do not need to worry about the ledger offset accounts.)

If your journal entry needs to go to a specific department, you may specify that in the appropriate Department field. Department designations may be overridden on a location-by-location basis in the grid.

If you export ledger information, then you may use the ledger account sign reverser buttons to reverse the sign on the amount begin exported. Typically, one sign would be positive and one would be negative.

ALMSys Quotes Fields
The bottom section of this screen deals specifically with ALMSys Quotes. 

The Type? field is used to identify items for loan and lease contract printing.

The Payable Type Default is used to clarify to whom the payable belongs. This setting may be overridden on each quote.

There are two boxes (one for leases, and one for loans/purchases) where you can have this master code automatically added to each new quote as a default for cap. or non-cap. costs. The code will be added to every new quote in the amount specified in the Default amount field.

The Resale Products Log box is used to indicate that this code is for a Resale Product. Check the box if this is a Resale Product. Set Our Cost to the default internal cost of this product. You will be able to change this on the actual sale record. For accounting, provide the ledger accounts for the Our Cost (payable) and the Profit (income) breakdowns. If you want the product to automatically provide contract numbers, then fill in the "Automatic Contract Numbering" fields. If you are providing an invoice for your product, then it must be selected in the Invoice Template field.

The Special Tax Creation box is used for those items (such as Rebates) that need tax automatically added on the amount of this reduction. You will have the choice of the taxes being capitalized or due on delivery.

Special Lease Charges Master Codes
The following codes are special codes and cannot be altered. (You can assign ledger accounts, etc., but please do not delete these codes.)