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Quotes Warranty Log Record Maintenance

This screen is accessed through the Warranty Log and Maintenance screen.

To edit and maintain the warranty log records.

Layout / How To
You may use the Subtractions box to automatically reduce the Retail Price in order to calculate the Remitted amount. The items within the Subtractions box are defined in Quotes Defaults.

The Taxes box will calculate the sales tax on the Retail Price of the warranty. (There are override check boxes should you need to manually enter the tax breakdown amounts. If you override, click the corresponding Calculate button afterwards.)

The Refund box will calculate the refund based on the check received from the warranty company and the pro-rata percentage provided. Taxes are calculated based on the tax information from the Taxes box. Once the Amount Refunded from Warranty Company and Pro-Rata % fields have been entered, click the Calculate button. (If necessary, you can simply enter the total amount of the refund into the Total Amount Refunded field, but that is NOT recommended.)

If you have a refund from an insurance claim and no tax is involved:
  • Enter the Amount Refunded from the Warranty Company
  • Enter the total amount of the refund to the customer in the Total Refund Amount field (on the far right side of the panel)
  • Click the Calculate button under the Total Refund Amount field

    That will calculate the necessary Pro-Rata% for the commission and suppress any taxes.