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Quotes Defaults

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To provide default values for the Quotes system.

Layout / How To
Enter your overall company's name and address in the fields provided.

A logo may be added that will print on some of the forms. A log  must be a bitmap and it would be as square as possible. If you have a oblong logo, add white space on each side to make it square. Logos will be reduced to fit on the forms, and that space is typically 1" x 1".

Control Numbers
Control numbers are critical to the Quotes system. Every quote and vehicle inventory record must be assigned a control number. You can have the Quotes system automatically assign control numbers for you or you may manually keep track of these numbers.

Here is an example of what one of the ALMSys Quotes users does for their control numbers:
  • New quotes for leases and sales are numbered as "L1234"
  • A trade in for a new quote or lease would be labeled as "L1234A"
  • A terminated lease that is purchased or otherwise sold would be labeled as "T1234", using the original control number and replacing the L with a T.

    To Set up this scheme, you would make the following edits:
  • Select "Automatically Numbered"
  • Enter the desired starting number (number only) in the box to the right
  • Check Control Numbers are prefixed with: and enter an L in the box to the right
  • Set On lease terminations that turn in or buy out: to "Replace the control number prefix with ..." and enter a T in the box to the right
  • Set On lease terminations that trade in the lease for something else: to "Suffix the control number with ..." and enter an A in the box to the right

    One word of warning about trade ins: If you have multiple trade-ins per quote, then each one will be assigned an "L1234A" control number. You will probably want subsequent vehicles suffixed with "B", "C", "D", etc. You would need to go into the inventory screen for the traded in vehicle (once the deal has been finalized) to change these codes.

    Automatically numbering control numbers will save you grief when you have multiple sales reps and each are assigning the same control number to their deals. The New Quote Add screen will automatically create this number for you and ensure that control numbers are not duplicated.

    Purchase Control Numbers
    A purchase control number is a special that is used when a customer simply buys a vehicle off of your lot. It is not used when a customer buys out their lease; that is a lease termination that buys out as described above. If you have a customer turn in their lease and walk away, and then another customer buys the vehicle, that is a good example of using the purchase control number.

    The whole purpose of this special control number is to help you quickly identify a vehicle that was simply bought out of your inventory.

    Inventory Warranty Defaults
    These defaults are used when a new vehicle is added to inventory.

    Lease and Calculation Defaults
    These are defaults that will appear on each new lease. You may edit this information on each lease. Calculation types are explained here. Even Principal?, if yes, will build an amortization schedule where the principal is the same for each payment. This makes it look like straight depreciation. 

    Insurance Defaults
    These are insurance defaults that will appear on each quote. The Loss Payee fields represent the name and address for the loss payee.

    Warranty Log Defaults
    You may set up some retail price subtraction controls for warranty items. This will subtract the input amount from the warranty's retail price to give you the amount remitted for the warranty. Up to 3 subtractions may be specified. You do not need to use this feature.

    Secured Party Information (for Title and Plates)
    This information is used on forms that require the specification of a secured party. 

    Accounting Defaults
    This is used to tell accounting how profit is to be broken down, and what ledger accounts are to be used.

    New Quote Default Contract Assignment
    The customer specified here will be assigned to all new quotes.

    Locations are used within quotes to control the company name and address on the documents. They are also used to properly create the vehicle logbook report. If everything goes through in and out of your main office, then you probably do not need to specify any additional locations. (The main default name and address is location zero.)

    Referral Log
    This controls the selections available on the referral log edit screen. (Referral sources are also maintained here.)

    Don't forget to save your changes.