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Quotes Vehicle Inventory Details

This screen is accessed from the Vehicle Inventory List.

To provide a screen to edit vehicle inventory information.

Layout / How To
This screen controls vehicles active and not active (disposed) in your inventory. 

There are two VINs on this screen. You will need to type the VIN twice (it will turn green when they match) for accuracy purposes.

The green box labeled, "Inventory Controls," is what controls active and inactive inventory status. By default, new vehicles added to inventory are active on the date added.

Within the Inventory Controls box, there are the following fields:
  • Status. This is the definitive active vs. disposed setting. 
  • Date Active. Date that the vehicle was brought into inventory.
  • Date Not Active. Date that the vehicle was disposed.
  • Book Value. This is used on loan contracts.
  • Purchase Price. The amount paid for the vehicle.
  • Costs button. This allows you to keep track of any additional costs for the vehicle. Items such as maintenance, reconditioning, and licensing fees should be recorded here. 
  • Total. The Purchase Price plus the sum of all Costs. This is what you are into the vehicle for.
  • MSRP. The suggested retail price for the vehicle.
  • Actual Cash Value. The actual cash value of the vehicle. This is used on profit/loss calculations.
  • Additional Profit/Loss: Use this in situations where you need to show additional profit (+) or loss (-) for the vehicle. An example would be an insurance claim where you got more for the vehicle than you have on the loan, and you are retaining a portion of that surplus as profit.
  • Desired Sales Price. Your optimal sales price for this vehicle. When the vehicle is added to a scenario, it will start at this price.
  • From Trade In. This check box is set from the Quotes Finalize process and will check this box for trade-ins only.

    The Acquired From fields represent the name and address from where you acquired this vehicle. There are two buttons to look up customers or selling dealers.

    The Create Quote To Sell This Vehicle box is a quick way to start a quote from a vehicle that is active in inventory. This is NOT to be used to start a new lease; only use this if the vehicle is going to be sold as a loan or purchase. Follow the onscreen instructions to use this feature.

    The Disposition of Vehicle box controls where the vehicle went when it was disposed (deactivated). If a vehicle is sold or purchased, then a Sales Log record should be written. (This action is usually performed by the Finalize Quote screen.) Once a vehicle has been disposed, you should not re-activate it, but rather add a new inventory record for when it came back into inventory. This is so you have a proper audit history for the vehicle.

    There are two reference grids at the bottom of this screen. The first grid will show you on which quotes the VIN has appeared. You will need to click the Get Quote References button to retrieve this information. The more quotes that have been entered into the system, the slower this will be. The bottom grid will anatomically be filled in from the Sales Log, Lease Log, Inventory, and Warranty Log files. It will attempt to sort the grid in order by date so that you can see a complete audit history for this vehicle.