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To provide a grid of all vehicles that are in inventory, both now and in the past. It is quite possible to have the same vehicle in and out of inventory multiple times. In this instance, you would have a separate inventory record for each time the vehicle came into inventory.

Layout / How To
By default, only active vehicles in inventory are shown. Use the What to see in the grid to control which vehicles to see in the grid.

The grid is sortable; simply click on the desired column heading to sort by that column. Use the Search box to find specific values. You may use a percent sign (%) to help in search for values within text strings. For example, if you are sorting by VIN, you may search for %123 and you will be positioned to the first VIN which contains the characters "123."

You may add a new inventory record by clicking the button.

Double clicking on any item in the grid will take you to the Vehicle Inventory Details screen.

You can print a list of the current inventory via the button. This report groups by the "From Trade In" check box. If you run a car lot, then this switch merely tells you which vehicles came in from a trade in. If you outsource your vehicles (such as a credit union or bank), then this switch should provide an accurate view of inventory for the vehicles marked as coming in from a trade.

To delete an inventory record, select the record in the grid and then click the button.

This list is also used to select a vehicle to use in a scenario. In this case, select the inventory record and click the Select and Return button.