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Quote - Overall

This screen is where the overall values for the quote are stored.

It is recommended that the date on this screen be set to the date of the contract. (When a deal is finalized, it will be set to the contract date automatically.)

How Started reflects how this quote was started, and appears at the top of the data edit area. You may change this information to suit your purposes.

The Alert Message will display a scrolling message on the quote's status/information bar. If you start a quote from an existing ALMSys lease, then any ALMSys account or deal alert will come over to this field.

The Post Date field controls the default date for the accounting journals.

Do not type Representative names, but rather, select them from the pull-down list. Selecting them from the list will correctly assign the rep's initials to the quote.

Location Assignment is used to assign this quote to a specific location or branch.

Referral Sources are predefined in Tools - Defaults. You may only select from what is on that list.