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Recurring Payments

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Used to assist in posting payments for those deals with one (or more) automatic payments per month.

Layout / How To
If the deal is on an automatic payment schedule, you may wish to indicate this to ALMSys. One to four recurring payments per month, or weekly payments, may be specified. To make recurring payments active, select Yes in the Active box. Place the first day of the month that a recurring payment is due in the Payment Day field.

If you are specifying two or more recurring days, then the amount must be divided (in any split desired) so that the sum adds up to the Payments must add up to field. Type the amounts in the respective Amount fields. There are quick fill buttons on the screen to facilitate the splitting up of payments.

If you are specifying a weekly payment, then select the day of the week on which the payment is to be occur. That will turn all of the associated boxes lime green. Fill in the Amount for Payment #1. Optionally, fill in the Pay by Credit Card/ACH fields.

Customers that wish to pay by credit card or ACH may be indicated on this screen as well. Mark the box for making this feature active and select which account the customer is using for this deal. (See the Credit Card/ACH screen for more details.)

The advantage in providing this information to ALMSys is that there is a method of posting payments that will post all payments at once that have been identified as recurring. See the multiple payment post screen for more details.

Use the Copy These Settings to All Active Deals for this Customer button to copy the recurring setup to all other active deals for the same customer. This is a "smart" copy and will function as follows:
  • If Active? is no, then it will simply mark all of the deals as not active. No other fields will be altered.
  • The payment day and credit card/ACH fields will be copied as-is to the other deals.
  • If 2 or more days are specified, the payment will be split into two or more payments that add up to the total payment.
  • If 1 day is specified, the payment will be set to the full payment amount and the other payment amounts will be set to zero.

    Recurring Payments