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Credit Card/ACH

Main Menu - Payment - Credit Card/ACH

Used to store credit card or ACH information for the account.

Layout / How To
This is a secured screen. Every time that you enter this screen, you must provide the password. Once the data has been displayed, you may press the hide button at the top of the display to immediately hide the information on the screen. 

The access password to this screen may be changed by pressing the Change Access Password button at the top of the display.

Up to three credit cards or ACH information may be stored per account. The name and address on this screen is separate from that on the Name & Address screen. Use the Copy Name & Address button to copy the current name and address data to this screen.

Accounts must be marked as active before they may be used on the Recurring Payments screen.

The tabs of the accounts will be yellow for those accounts that are not marked as active, and red for those active accounts which have expired.

The Transit Routing number is the key field that is used to differentiate an ACH account from a credit card account. For ease of editing, fill in green fields for ACH accounts, and maroon fields for credit card accounts. Remember, for credit card accounts, leave the Transit Routing field blank.

Individual payments may be added to a new or existing credit card/ACH batch. The amount that will be added will display under the Payment Amount heading. This amount will initially default to the current monthly payment amount and tax. The amounts may be modified as desired, but they will not be kept for future use. Press the Add to Batch for Processing button to add the payment request to an open batch. (Regardless of which tab is active, the payment amounts on tab One will be used.)

The Processing Results tab will show the results of the last credit card/ACH processing for this account. Hovering the mouse over some of the codes will show you more information.

Use the Copy to ALL Deals in Same Location button to copy the customer's credit card/ACH data to ALL customers that have deals in the same location. You would only use this button if ALL deals in the same location belonged to the same customer. (For example, a rental agency with too many deals to keep under one customer number.)

How the Data is Stored
The data on this screen is stored in an encrypted format in the database. Even if a hacker could locate where this data is kept, the hacker would have an extremely difficult task of decrypting the information, as it looks like "garbage" has been stored. (As you can tell, the author is quite pleased with his encryption algorithms!)