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One-Time Fees

Main Menu - Billing - One-Time

Information entered on this screen will appear on the next billing. When the next billing occurs (from running the billing procedure or backlogging a bill), all items on this page will be wiped out. This is for leases only.

A one-time fee is a special type of lease charge. Any lease charge code that has been established in the LeaseChargesMaster file may be used to add a one-time fee.

The top (light green) box is used to input the one-time fee or charge that will be added to the next billing. Use the drop-down arrow in the first field to select the charge that you wish to add. If the charge does not appear in the list, then you will need to create one using the button. (See Lease Charges Master Code Maintenance for more details.)

Type the amount of the charge in the field on the right. Press the + button to add the item to the OneTimeFee file. Only one record may be added per charge type per month.

The bottom grid will convey the one-time fees and charges that are pending for this lease. You may not edit this information, but you may delete a pending record by clicking on it and pressing the  button in the top box.

Billing One-Time Fee