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Report: Delinquency w/ Contact History

To provide printed information regarding deals that are delinquent. An amount is delinquent if it is not paid by the date due (even if grace periods are allowed). Repossessed vehicles with a balance will also appear on this report.

Contact History notes for the past 60 days will be displayed. (You can control the number of days when the report is run.) All active reminders will be displayed as well.

This report differs from the Delinquency Report only because it contains Contact History.

How to Run
This is run from Main Menu - - Reports. The date range is used to calculate delinquent amounts through the end date provided.

See Delinquency Report for information on creating delinquent letters.

How Sorted
Location number, delinquency category (days delinquent grouping), total amount delinquent, days delinquent, account number, deal number. (Underlined sort fields cannot be overridden.)

Internal Name