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Report: Delinquency

To provide printed information regarding deals that are delinquent. An amount is delinquent if it is not paid by the date due (even if grace periods are allowed). Repossessed vehicles with a balance will also appear on this report.

How to Run
This is run from Main Menu - - Reports. The date range is used to calculate delinquent amounts through the end date provided.

This report has the ability of creating mail merge data for delinquency letters. You must turn this option on through your preferences settings (Report tab). On Preferences, you need to determine how many days late a deal needs to be before a letter is generated. You also need to determine how many days to wait between late letters on a deal-by-deal basis. If you have a customer to which you never wish to send a delinquent letter, then you must turn off late letters on the customer's Billing - Late Fee page.

The resulting letters are generated into the e-mail queue. The template for the letters is usually named, "DelinquencyLetters.rtf," and may be edited via the Communications screen. You may have a different letter for 1-14 days, 15-29 days, 30-59 days, 60-89 days, and 90+ days. Please note that there are special "{}" fields in this document. If you need assistance, please contact Support. (Delinquency letter templates are specified on the Tools - Preferences screen.)

(Note: Depending on the number of delinquent accounts, you may have more than one e-mail queue entry created. This is due to a limitation of the size allowed for each e-mail queue entry.)

After creating the delinquency letters, you will be given the option to generate envelopes for the entries. If you choose this option, then one e-mail queue entry will be created for all envelopes. If you are going to print the envelopes from a specific printer tray, then it is recommended to 1) double click on the envelopes entry to open the preview window, 2) select File - Print, 3) select Properties, 4) select the paper tray source and press OK, and 5) press OK to print the envelopes. 

How Sorted
Location number, delinquency category (days delinquent grouping), days delinquent, total amount delinquent, account number, deal number. (Underlined sort fields cannot be overridden.)

Internal Name