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Report: Profit Combination Ledger Schedule (screen report)

To provide a schedule of anticipated ledger entries for receivable leases.

How to Run
This is run from Main Menu - Lease - Profit Schedule. Press the button to see this report.

There is a lot of detail from different sources on this report.
  • Revenue is the base monthly lease payment (principal + interest)
  • Funding Adj. comes from the Funding Adjustment screen. Details by month may be found on the Profit Schedule screen.
  • Internal Profit is calculated as the sum of columns Expense Reserve through Funding Adj.
  • Depreciation comes from the Depreciation screen. 
  • Expense reserve, monthly reserve, and lease amortization comes from the Amortization screen.
  • Difference is Lease Amortization Ending Balance minus Depreciation Ending Balance.

    Internal Name