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Profit Schedule

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This screen is used to show the forecast value (profit) calculation on a month-to-month basis. The profit may either be displayed based on the schedules or on actual data.

Layout / How-To
This screen will calculate current data (Cur), life-to-date data (LTD), and remaining data (Rem). Lines are color coded for ease of view. Use the three colored buttons at the top of the display to show/suppress any data type desired.

When showing actuals, two additional fields are calculated: Undispersed and Payment Owed. ALMSys internally disperses a lease payment only when a full payment has been made. If a payment is short, the entire payment will sit there until enough funds are received that will equal what has been billed (for the month). If a customer pays more than a payment, then the extra funds will be held until ALMSys knows "what to do with it."

The Payment Owed column represents the outstanding monthly payments owed by the customer.

Profit Schedule
Profit Combination Ledger Schedule