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Monthly XSellerator Processing

This topic covers the monthly processing for exporting to Quorum's Xsellerator software.

XSellerator uses ALMSys to process the details of lease and loan information. The ALMSys Control Number field is used to tie the ALMSys data to that of XSellerator. The control number usually represents the stock number of the vehicle, but that is not required.

The control number must be unique or XSellerator will not accept interface data. If you change a control number in XSellerator, you must change it in ALMSys as well. Control numbers may be changed on the General Deal screen.

New Deals
Add new deals to ALMSys and to XSellerator. 

For leases, receive payments into XSellerator and then to ALMSys. For loans, receive the payments into ALMSys and then print a Receipt Report or Cash Receipts Journal to make your XSellerator entries based on the totals.

Billing (leases only)
Typically, billing is run once per month. ALMSys uses the billing run date as the date on which billings become receivable. Be careful when you run the update billing to make sure it is on the date desired.

Billing is set up so that you may run it earlier than the date that you wish to make the billings receivable. This would be done in order to send out the invoices in advance of the due date. To do this, run a "prebill" billing to get the statements out. Then, on the day you wish to make the billings receivable, run an "update" billing.

Interface Processing
On the first of the month, you will typically send interface data over to XSellerator. All interface transmissions are performed through the Accounting Interface Exports screen. Please read that topic for more details.

After running an update billing, send the data to XSellerator with the date range set to the same date on which your update billing was posted to ALMSys.

Send the data to XSellerator with the date range set to the current month.

Leveraged Financing
Send the data to XSellerator with the date range set to the current day. Most bank payments are due on the end of the month, which is why this interface is run on the first day of the following month. If you make your bank payments on a different day, then export the interface data on the day or day after that day.