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Report: Receipt Report

To generate a report of all receipts generated for the date range.

How to Run
This is run from Main Menu - - Reports. Run the report using these steps:
  • Include all locations. If each location has their own receipt numbering scheme, them make sure you separate the locations.
  • Set the date range for the day(s) desired.
  • Run the report. 
  • After the initial extract, you will be prompted for the starting receipt number. Based on the location to which you are assigned in security, ALMSys will prefill the box with the last receipt report's ending receipt number plus one.
  • You will next be prompted for the ending receipt number. ALMSys will fill this in with the last generated receipt number for the location to which you are assigned.

    If you chose to separate locations, each location will be on its own page and tallied. This will make it easy to separate the payments for your deposit.

    How Sorted
    Location number, How Paid, receipt number, account number, deal number. (Underlined sort fields cannot be overridden.)

    Internal Name