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Active Reminders

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Shows all outstanding active reminders from contact history. "Outstanding" means all reminders that are equal to or earlier than today's date.

Reminders are displayed in a grid, initially sorted by reminder date so that the oldest outstanding reminders are on top. 

The grid may be sorted by any of the columns shown (except notes) by pressing the corresponding column title button.

You may change to any customer in the grid by right-clicking on that customer and selecting Go to this customer from the pop-up menu.

You may mark a reminder as inactive by right-clicking on the reminder and selecting Mark as inactive from the pop-up menu.

You may set ALMSys to always show this display on start-up. See preferences for more details.

The All User IDs check box at the top, when not checked, will limit the display to those customers assigned to your user i.d. only. Assignment is set on the Account Status screen.

Related Reports
While there is no direct report from this screen, you may print active reminders via the Contact History Reminders report.