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Account Status

Main Menu - Account - Status

The account status is a brief look at the status of the current deal. All information is calculated as of today (or rather, the PC's current date).

A collections user may be assigned to this customer (as a whole) on this screen, but only if you have update access to the Name & Address screen. If so, two buttons will appear after the Collections User ID field. This first button ... will allow you to assign an ALMSys user i.d. by selecting the user from a list of existing ALMSys users. The second button will clear the assigned user i.d. Updates are performed immediately and no save button needs to be pressed.

Use the Include Late Fees check box to see what the delinquency (and total owed) fields look like without including late fees charged or waived.

You may set an alert color for the account as a whole, and provide a message for the alert. This alert will scroll in the marquee. (The alert message will save as you type, so there is no need to click the save button.)

Account Status